Computer Generated Imagery (CGI) revolutionized film, animation,
advertising and the life of Jakub Goda as well.

Passion and the belief in it as in the principal tool of 21.century’s
media industry stood by the establishment of the brand Gode
founded in 2013 in Bratislava, Slovakia.

Gode focuses on producing believable and realistic CG imagery especially
for creative advertising and visual effects in film industry.

Enthusiasm is backed with several years of production experience from postproduction houses around Europe
and with succesful cooperation with studios and agencies all over the world.

The vision is to aim for the balance and symbiosis between high–end
commercial work and independent projects.

Friendly communication. Flexible schedule. Fluid workflow.

Technologic competence met the eye for detail, color, composition, motion and visual emotion.

Constant strive for visual excellence.

3D · VFX · animation · postproduction · photo manipulation

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